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DROPBOX- some clever tricks to know

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From undeleting old versions to getting more space, a guided tour of the many powerful features tucked away in Dropbox’s invaluable file-syncing software

Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage and syncing service, but it is one of the most popular. The ease with which it shares files across OSes and hardware makes it valuable to businesses with workers spread across a large geographic area – and for individuals who don’t want to be tied to a single device, as Windows PCs, Macs, Android phones, iOS devices and even BlackBerrys are supported.

Its easy-to-use exterior masks a sophisticated back-end that’s capable of some very clever tricks. Not bad for a service that is, in its basic form, completely free.

If you’re not already using Dropbox, it’s simple to get started. Sign up for a free account at the Dropbox website and you’ll immediately receive a generous 2GB of storage. When you install the software, a folder will be created on your computer will henceforth sync with Dropbox’s servers – and with the Dropbox folders on any other computers on which you install the software.

read the full article by Dave Stevenson  |  posted on http://www.bit.com.au Wednesday 29 August 2012


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March 6, 2013 at 11:03 pm

Why a hotel needs to optimize its online reputation and, the positive impact of online reviews upon hotel performance.

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Do you want more and better quality reviews? The fundamentals are:

The best way to obtain more reviews is to simply ask for them. The most effective ways to generate reviews is to arm employees with business cards that ask guests to “share your review”. This method generates more reviews than posters, table tents, stickers, buttons, and almost everything else that we tested combined.

The cards should be handed out judiciously, be careful to ensure that a single guest isn’t being bombarded by multiple employees with review requests. Adding a QR code to the card so that it is easier for mobile users to write a review.

Respond to all of the negative ones, a few of the positive ones, and none of the average ones.

Responding an “appropriate” percentage of the time can lift the quantity of incoming reviews by up to 35%- responding too often can have a noticeably less beneficial effect.

Why is this? If the host of the party (the hotel) is crowding out the conversation with a lot of jabber, it appears to turn people off from participating in the conversation, with the end result of guests writing fewer reviews.

As Professor Anderson demonstrated, reviews matter! In fact, they matter so much that guests will leave your website for TripAdvisor or an OTA if they can’t read objective reviews there. Will those guests return to your site to make a reservation? For a variety of reasons, some will and some won’t. This is one reason why it is so important to have third party reviews on your own website. The other is related to cost per acquisition.

Some hoteliers who already engage in this practice make the mistake of cherry picking only the best reviews for their site. It has more positive results when hotels enable an almost unfiltered stream of reviews -including the good, bad and ugly, to be published onsite for the following reasons:

  • Remember that bad reviews legitimize the good ones. Especially important when you consider that brands are among the least credible sources of information in consumers’ eyes.
  • Operationally, it requires much less manpower to enable an unfiltered stream of reviews vs. seeking out good ones to publish manually. An unfiltered stream also keeps the content fresh.
  • The knowledge that negative reviews could appear on its own website is a great motivator for improving an organization’s operations and guest satisfaction in general.
Read the full article here>

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January 4, 2013 at 1:54 pm

devices list is missing from iTunes

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One minute I was looking at my device in iTunes, the next minute devices list was missing. Not sure if this works all the time, but simply close down iTunes (with iPad still connected), then restart iTunes, It magically appeared again allowing me to acces my device and the app list I was frantically searching for. Let me know if this helped you too!

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December 23, 2012 at 11:08 pm

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How to export Outlook Distribution List to .csv file format

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How to export Outlook Distribution List to .csv file format

We can export Contacts from Outlook directly into .csv (Comma Delimited) files, but this is not so simple for a Distribution list. Distribution lists are not creating new Contacts, just grouping existing contacts. But how do you export these Contacts into a .csv files from an existing Distribution List?  There’s a few extra steps involved, but it works.

Step 1: Save Distribution List as Text file

Open Outlook, click the contacts icon at the bottom left. Find the Distribution List you want to export, double click it to open.
And click File, Save As…
On the Save As window, select Text Only (*.txt) in the Save As type drop down, near the bottom.
Name your file, for example email-list-test-01.txt, and then save it on your local machine.
Open the folder you saved it to.

Step 2. Launch Microsoft Excel

Launch Microsoft Excel application.
Find the new txt file you created and drag it into the open excel window.
Excel will automatically place your list into separate columns. If you don’t need some of this information, simply delete columns. This method is easier than using the Text Import Wizard.
Take a minute to look over the content and tidy up any names or email addresses.
Note the column headings- they should be something like ‘name, ‘email’ etc… this is the name the the next program you import your list into will use as a ‘field’.

Step 3. Save

In Excel, click File, Save As and make sure you save as a CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
Name your file, for example email-list-test-01.csv and you are done with the exporting.

Rinse and repeat with your other distribution lists.


Online Marketing Trends for 2010

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I’d like to share with you a summary on some information that may relate to your online marketing. Here is a quick Spin of some online trends. This may give you an idea or taste of what your online customers are looking at and for– and how they are finding that info- and even if your customer is not US based, bear in mind, in NZ we get US TV, media, movies, news, food, music, influence…

Hitwise monitors how more than 25 million Internet users, including 10 million in the United States, interact with over 1 million Web sites across more than 160 industry categories.

Top 10 U.S. Search Terms by Category (%), April 2010

Social Networking and Forums

facebook 10.69                 UK– facebook 19.64

youtube 4.58                     UK- youtube 6.08

Blogs and Personal Web Sites

youtube 0.37                     UK- bbc news 0.50

Shopping Rewards and Directories

coupons 0.21                     UK- hotukdeals 0.65

consumer reports 0.16  UK- voucher codes 0.42

free stuff 0.08

Travel Destinations and Accommodations

hotels.com 0.57                UK – travelodge 1.24

carnival cruise 0.36          UK- trip advisor 1.00

holiday inn 0.16                UK- premier inn 0.79

Food and Beverage Brands and Manufacturers

pizza hut 4.16                     UK- dominos 5.15

dominos 1.66                     UK- pizza hut 4.50

mcdonalds 1.59                   UK- mcdonalds 4.15

subway 0.94                       UK- kfc 1.40

kfc 0.50                               UK- starbucks 0.87

Worldwide Internet Population 2010: 1.83 billion

The term “active Internet user” applies to people who go online at least once in a given month.

More info>

1st figure is population- 2nd is number of internet users. Are these your target markets?

New Zealand                     4.21 million         3.36 million

Australia                              21.26 million       11.24 million

Canada                                 33.49 million       28 million

Germany                             82.33 million       42.5 million

Japan                                    127.08 million     88.11 million

The Netherlands              16.72 million       15 million

Philippines                          97.98 million       5.3 million

Singapore                            4.66 million         3.11 million

South Africa                       49.05 million       5.1 million

United Kingdom               61.11 million       40.2 million

United States                    307.21 million     223 million

I found this to help learn about more emerging trends – download this free report: “10 Online Marketing Trends for 2010” http://whitepapers.clickz.com/whitepaper8030/

A few questions to ponder:

  • Do you have a Facebook page?
  • Do you have interesting content on YouTube?
  • Do you have coupons or free stuff on offer?
  • Do you have a Trip Advisor strategy in place?
  • Have you visited hotels.com (it can tell you are in NZ) , Carnival Cruises, (cruise from $70/nite- see virtual tours) and Holiday Inn (kids eat free) websites?
  • If you have a restaurant- how much business are you losing by NOT having an item on your menu that caters to the international comfort food cravings? Does price have an effect?

If you would like help putting some of these things into place on your website, feel free to contact me. It’s not that difficult to do, and it’s more affordable than you think! Let’s have a chat…

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June 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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10.Mar.2010 | Matthew Cavnar

Worried that nothing technologically newsworthy is going to happen before the iPad comes out on April 3rd? Fear not! There’s a big, exciting launch todayWe’re releasing Seth Godin’s Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus Vook. And for a limited time, we’re reducing the price from $4.99 to only 99 cents!

Unleashing the Ideavirus was the most downloaded e-book of all time, and the Vook version completely updates it with 18 incredible new videos and insights from Seth that puts the book on today’s bleeding edge.

With the Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus Vook you can read, watch, explore new concepts on the Web and share assets from the Vook with your friends. And you can take it everywhere with you on your iPhone. These strategies can be absorbed and spread faster than you can say, “God Bless You.”

Vook worked with the Brooklyn based production company Captain & The Fox to produce the videos — and the filmmakers really made this one a success. Not just complimentary to the text, the videos actually update the book and bring its core lessons into the world where we live today. The themes of Ideavirus are enduring, but companies change, disappear and grow. Luckily, our filmmakers move at the speed of creative inspiration. That expertise and sharp eye combined with Seth’s reflections and insight make for an incredible package.

You can find the Webbased version of the Vook on Vook.com.

And you can get the iTunes app in the iTunes store.

The Vook’s a tremendous value at only 99 cents (for a limited time!) and we’re sure you’re going to love it as much as we do. It’s one of the best Vooks we’ve ever made. Best, Team Vook

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March 10, 2010 at 2:04 pm

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Australia Travel Site Crunch: Data Week End March 6 2010

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Posted by Kevin May on 09 March 2010

Most popular travel websites in Australia for the week ending March 6 2010:


Rank Website Domain Percentage of Visits Previous Position
1 Webjet Australia http://www.webjet.com.au 14.09% 1
2 Flight Centre http://www.flightcentre.com.au 10.65% 2
3 Expedia Australia http://www.expedia.com.au 7.11% 3
4 Lastminute.com.au http://www.au.lastminute.com 5.92% 4
5 Expedia http://www.expedia.com 3.36% 5
6 ZUJI Australia http://www.zuji.com 3.20% 6
7 Airfares Flights Australia http://www.airfaresflights.com.au 2.94% 7
8 Best Flights http://www.bestflights.com.au 2.73% 8
9 Travelzoo Australia http://www.travelzoo.com.au 1.97% 9
10 travel.com.au http://www.travel.com.au 1.84% 10

Thomson Holidays – 6.32%

Lastminute.com – 5.99%

Thomas Cook – 4.18%

TravelRepublic – 3.12%

Cheapflights – 2.73%

TravelSupermarket – 2.55%

First Choice – 2.28%

Skyscanner – 2.01%

Travelzoo Uk – 1.8

Destinations and Accommodation

Rank Website Domain Percentage of Visits Previous Position
1 Wotif.com http://www.wotif.com 6.61% 1
2 TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com 4.91% 2
3 Totaltravel.com http://www.totaltravel.com 3.00% 4
4 Stayz http://www.stayz.com.au 2.79% 3
5 Booking.com http://www.booking.com 2.34% 5
6 ExplorOz – 4WD Australia http://www.exploroz.com 1.57% 6
7 ninemsn Travel travel.ninemsn.com.au 1.48% 10
8 HotelClub http://www.hotelclub.net 1.39% 7
9 Hotels.com http://www.hotels.com 1.33% 8
10 Australian Explorer http://www.australianexplorer.com 1.30% 9


Rank Website Domain Percentage of Visits Previous Position
1 Qantas Airways http://www.qantas.com.au 22.60% 2
2 Virgin Blue http://www.virginblue.com.au 20.24% 1
3 Jetstar Airways http://www.jetstar.com 16.97% 3
4 Tiger Airways http://www.tigerairways.com 6.62% 4
5 AirAsia http://www.airasia.com 5.63% 5
6 Emirates http://www.emirates.com 2.80% 6
7 Singapore Airlines http://www.singaporeair.com 2.65% 7
8 Vaustralia http://www.vaustralia.com.au 1.78% 9
9 Air New Zealand – Australia http://www.airnz.com.au 1.78% 8
10 Air New Zealand http://www.airnz.co.nz 1.69% 10

Travel search terms

Rank Search Term Percentage of Search Percentage Paid Percentage Organic Previous Position
1 google maps 1.44% 38.38% 61.62% 1
2 virgin blue 0.91% 44.96% 55.04% 2
3 jetstar 0.88% 1.89% 98.11% 3
4 qantas 0.79% 1.39% 98.61% 4
5 webjet 0.63% 0.30% 99.70% 6
6 flight centre 0.51% 51.83% 48.17% 8
7 maps 0.50% 41.68% 58.32% 7
8 wotif 0.49% 0.00% 100% 10
9 where is 0.48% 0.19% 99.81% 9
10 tiger airways 0.47% 3.83% 96.17%

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