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Converting virtual tours into videos

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The question often gets asked, “Isn’t a virtual tour already a video?” No. A virtual tour is a still photograph. And how you see it rotate 360 degrees on your screen is possible with some pretty clever software and coding – you click/tap on the image and control its direction, speed and more. You can’t do that with video that you find on YouTube.

So, converting your virtual tour into video is not without limitations and it’s not as simple as it sounds. At Spin360 we’ve done extensive research into this and tested many ways to get this to work. The final product creates a somewhat jittery result. This is due to the way the software captures the motion. Creating a smooth high quality video experience is not possible. The only way to achieve this is to film the property using a video camera. However, if we think outside the box and approach it in a different way this ‘effect’ can be overlooked because of the voice-over and editing style I’m suggesting.

Think of the end goal for this video clip. You want to inspire the user to go to your website. This video content is destined for YOUTUBE, not your website. Your website is where all the information is, the images, the actual virtual tour and most important, the final conversion the booking engine (or your chosen conversion pathway)! The goal surely must be to peek people’s interest and engage the user to want to see more. If we treat these video clips as a call to action tool, then it will work better than just having a standard product video. There are millions of them and they are all the same – cost a fortune, slick sales pitch… bla bla bla…next… and the user clicks away to continue their search.

The reason for using your virtual tour content is to save money and re-purpose beautiful imagery already in hand, yes?

Then lets use it in a new way to create a better result. It’s not a sales pitch. Produce it like a tutorial. Educate and entertain. Show the viewer what they will expect to experience by going to the website for a full engaging experience. Tease them with the highlights, interact with the virtual tour on-screen, and leave them wanting more. The clip should finish with a slide with a link to your site and a promise they won’t be disappointed.

This is the best approach for re-purposing your virtual tour content and turning limitations into traffic to your website. Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine and the largest search engine, Google, owns it. By having video content that is properly tagged, linked, and contains crafted description will put you in the game. Be found on YOUTUBE so you can connect with more of your potential customers!


Trying to make a Video your YOUTUBE strategy?

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Very simply, you can’t bore or confuse anyone into doing anything.

But you should be thinking of taking a different approach depending on intended audience and intended purpose. Knowing where the video sits in the sales cycle is critical – is it for attraction, conversion or consumption?

1. When you record the video you can record two separate introductions – you use the first version with Youtube and it has a call to action in the intro.

2. The introduction to the section version is just an introduction, doesn’t have a call to action in it, and you can load this on your website for your subscribers and members of your tribe who already like your content. You can either host this on Youtube and make the video unlisted (that way it won’t be found on YouTube), or you could host it somewhere like Amazon S3 and use Flowplayer. OR you could create a high def version and give your tribe the opportunity to download it.

IF you are using YouTube Videos as an attraction strategy you need to put the Call to Action somewhere near the front of the video. Because if you put it at the end of the video it will be missed by a good proportion of people who view the video.

The Call to Action should clearly tell the viewer what to do (e.g. go to your website, or click on the link to your website under the video) and also what’s in it for them (if you take this action you will get….a great free report…a series of great videos…a great interview on MP3….or whatever it is).

I repeat this is ONLY if you are using YouTube and other video attractors as a strategy to attract potential new subscribers/clients/customers.

If you are creating videos that are going to be viewed by your existing ‘tribe’ THEN in those situations you can leave the call to action to the end of the video.

For tons more information and strategies on building an audience that builds your business, take a look at the awesome creators at  COPYBLOGGER
This post is an adaptation on their advice and expertise.

Written by spinwebnz

January 1, 2013 at 5:08 pm