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Overdue Invoices: 4 Simple Tips To Ensure Your Clients Pay On Time, Every Time. No More Overdue Invoices

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  • Did you know that poor cashflow is the #1 killer of small New Zealand businesses?
  • Do you have clients with overdue invoices right now?
  • Do you grit your teeth when you check your bank account on the 20th of the month and find the deposits you were expecting, missing?
  • Are your customers/clients slow to pay?
  • Are your invoices due on the 20th of the month but sometimes they don’t get paid until much later? Sometimes 60 days or 90 days?

Well you’re in luck, because today I’m going to tell you how I get the following results:

  • 89.6% of my clients pay on time (within 7 days)
  • 9.4% of my clients pay within 7 days past due
  • 1% don’t pay at all, but only because they go bankrupt (no fault of mine, I assure you)

I’ve never needed to use a collection agency. Here’s how you can get results like that: read full article


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February 14, 2013 at 6:07 pm

How SOCIAL is your business?

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How social is your business

What do you think about when you hear the terms Social Media and Social Networking? Do your eyes glaze over and you say- I don’t have time, or who cares, or my customers don’t use it?

Like it or not it’s here to stay and actually engulfing and changing the way we do and think about business. Today the trend is shifting to include ‘Social Business’. You say your customers aren’t using it? Then they are fooling you!

All three of the major global social networks, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are growing by leaps and bounds. “Data collected in GWI.8 (Q4 2012) demonstrates the continued shift in usage from localized social platforms to global ones with huge growth for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. The fastest growing network in 2013 in terms of “Active Usage” was Twitter which grew 40% to 288m across our 31 markets (approximately 90% of global Internet population). 21% of the global Internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis. This compares to 21% actively using YouTube, 25% actively using Google+ and a staggering 51% using Facebook on a monthly basis.”

Just because you don’t want to change doesn’t mean the world around you isn’t. The Cro-Magnon made that mistake. People don’t do business with companies. They do business with people. And people tend to be social creatures. What are you planning to do about your ‘socialisation’?

One can often be lead down a beautiful garden path without knowing it’s a carefully crafted distraction from real life. And stats are often skewed to the USA, but what about New Zealand? Ponder this:

New Zealand is used as a petri dish by Facebook, and for a few other recent technological advances (text messaging and EFTPOS / debit card payments, to name two notable examples) – obviously because we’re a small, tech-savvy country with a fairly static population. With Facebook we were the first country to all be pushed onto the Wall format – and at the moment we have threaded comments in replies (eg, you can ‘reply’ to a specific comment).

An interesting things is that nearly all statistics derived from NZ are skewed because of the small population size and the fact that NZ is at once both very isolated and very modern. Every other week I see new stats saying “NZ leads world in _____ “, everything from suicide to cannabis use to freedom to food safety to female parliamentary representation to spending to sheep searches. As Nate Silver would say, “NZ is noise on the data graph of world statistics.”

Do you want to be social to catch up with ‘other’ business or your competitors? Or do you want to accept the fact that 62.9% of the online population of NZ is on Facebook? And that the largest audience is the 18-44 year olds? What if you didn’t change- what if you stayed the way you are right now and target the 37% that are not using Facebook and do things and live life differently- perhaps they even prefer the way you are doing business now- without being online and social?

I ask- is this 37% your target market?

Are they happy with the status-quo or are they uncomfortable with change and reluctantly yearn to be included?

Are they wondering what all the fuss is about, scared of being left behind and are slowly learning how to be social?

Or are they a bunch of social misfits, never to be seen, close the curtains, collect a benefit, and only buy food, beer, rent a flat and watch Sky TV all day?

Or is your clientele part of the 242,000 local fans of Air New Zealand? Or one of the 268,000 local fans of MacDonald’s NZ or the 181,000 local fans of Coca-Cola NZ? Check out the top pages in NZ.


If you’d like to know more about ‘what it means to your business and how to do’ we can start with a social coffee and a chat. An appointment is easy- call me. Christchurch, in New Zealand. Yep- local business.

SpinWeb.co.nz – helping local business in the online world.

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January 29, 2013 at 3:13 pm

How to delete an app directly from your iPhone

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Getting rid of apps on your device is like getting a high score on Angry Birds. Not so easy at first. Just takes practice and doing it a couple times- then you’re an expert 🙂

Here are 2 ways to delete an app directly from your iPhone without connecting to iTunes:


  1. Go to Settings, General, Usage– the list of apps will appear.
  2. Tap ‘show all apps’ to expand this list.
  3. Tap the right arrow next to your app and it will take you to the treasure.
  4. Tap DELETE APP. This also deletes all files associated with the app. It will remove the icon from your phones screen.

Note: ‘Usage’ also serves to show you how much space that app and files are taking up on your phone so you can see what’s chewing up all your memory.


  1. Press and hold on any icon until all the icons begin to “wiggle“.
  2. Tap the little “x” in the upper-left corner of the app you want to delete.
  3. A dialog box appears, informing you that deleting this app will also delete all its data.
  4. Tap the Delete button.

Note: Deleting it from your iPhone won’t get rid of it permanently. It uninstalls it only. The next time you sync, it will return to your iPhone. Connect to iTunes, check your app list ‘on your device’ and if it’s still there, to get rid of it for good, first remove it from your iTunes Library/Apps. Move it to the recycle bin and make sure to empty recycle/trash bin on your PC/Mac.

Let me know if you found this helpful.

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January 7, 2013 at 12:42 pm

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Why a hotel needs to optimize its online reputation and, the positive impact of online reviews upon hotel performance.

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Do you want more and better quality reviews? The fundamentals are:

The best way to obtain more reviews is to simply ask for them. The most effective ways to generate reviews is to arm employees with business cards that ask guests to “share your review”. This method generates more reviews than posters, table tents, stickers, buttons, and almost everything else that we tested combined.

The cards should be handed out judiciously, be careful to ensure that a single guest isn’t being bombarded by multiple employees with review requests. Adding a QR code to the card so that it is easier for mobile users to write a review.

Respond to all of the negative ones, a few of the positive ones, and none of the average ones.

Responding an “appropriate” percentage of the time can lift the quantity of incoming reviews by up to 35%- responding too often can have a noticeably less beneficial effect.

Why is this? If the host of the party (the hotel) is crowding out the conversation with a lot of jabber, it appears to turn people off from participating in the conversation, with the end result of guests writing fewer reviews.

As Professor Anderson demonstrated, reviews matter! In fact, they matter so much that guests will leave your website for TripAdvisor or an OTA if they can’t read objective reviews there. Will those guests return to your site to make a reservation? For a variety of reasons, some will and some won’t. This is one reason why it is so important to have third party reviews on your own website. The other is related to cost per acquisition.

Some hoteliers who already engage in this practice make the mistake of cherry picking only the best reviews for their site. It has more positive results when hotels enable an almost unfiltered stream of reviews -including the good, bad and ugly, to be published onsite for the following reasons:

  • Remember that bad reviews legitimize the good ones. Especially important when you consider that brands are among the least credible sources of information in consumers’ eyes.
  • Operationally, it requires much less manpower to enable an unfiltered stream of reviews vs. seeking out good ones to publish manually. An unfiltered stream also keeps the content fresh.
  • The knowledge that negative reviews could appear on its own website is a great motivator for improving an organization’s operations and guest satisfaction in general.
Read the full article here>

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January 4, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Trying to make a Video your YOUTUBE strategy?

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Very simply, you can’t bore or confuse anyone into doing anything.

But you should be thinking of taking a different approach depending on intended audience and intended purpose. Knowing where the video sits in the sales cycle is critical – is it for attraction, conversion or consumption?

1. When you record the video you can record two separate introductions – you use the first version with Youtube and it has a call to action in the intro.

2. The introduction to the section version is just an introduction, doesn’t have a call to action in it, and you can load this on your website for your subscribers and members of your tribe who already like your content. You can either host this on Youtube and make the video unlisted (that way it won’t be found on YouTube), or you could host it somewhere like Amazon S3 and use Flowplayer. OR you could create a high def version and give your tribe the opportunity to download it.

IF you are using YouTube Videos as an attraction strategy you need to put the Call to Action somewhere near the front of the video. Because if you put it at the end of the video it will be missed by a good proportion of people who view the video.

The Call to Action should clearly tell the viewer what to do (e.g. go to your website, or click on the link to your website under the video) and also what’s in it for them (if you take this action you will get….a great free report…a series of great videos…a great interview on MP3….or whatever it is).

I repeat this is ONLY if you are using YouTube and other video attractors as a strategy to attract potential new subscribers/clients/customers.

If you are creating videos that are going to be viewed by your existing ‘tribe’ THEN in those situations you can leave the call to action to the end of the video.

For tons more information and strategies on building an audience that builds your business, take a look at the awesome creators at  COPYBLOGGER
This post is an adaptation on their advice and expertise.

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January 1, 2013 at 5:08 pm

devices list is missing from iTunes

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One minute I was looking at my device in iTunes, the next minute devices list was missing. Not sure if this works all the time, but simply close down iTunes (with iPad still connected), then restart iTunes, It magically appeared again allowing me to acces my device and the app list I was frantically searching for. Let me know if this helped you too!

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December 23, 2012 at 11:08 pm

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I love being part of people’s success and business growth.

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tropical resort- spin360

My passion is building successful websites. I understand that there are some people that are nervous about change in a world they are uncomfortable with.

Here’s an example- A place I like to shop didn’t have a website. I met the owner asked if he had consider it. He was unsure and didn’t see the value in it, yet he was willing to pay $2000 per week for newspaper adverting.
I took a punt- I purchased a domain for him, built him a website and presented him with it. It gave him the confidence to move forward. Three years on we have just upgraded his website to a system where they can manage content, photos, and specials. I taught them how to blog and how to use email to connect with their existing clients.

For a fraction of the cost of advertising, he has a permanent marketing tool, and the knowledge of how to communicate with a brand new audience. They appreciate now that it will always be a work in progress, and that’s the way you build long lasting relationships.

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December 22, 2012 at 7:43 pm